Embrace the Journey

Hotel Eden & SPA provides you with the various rental services. In our professional rental offices you can find a great selection of cars, that will make your ride safe and comfortable. Choose from a wide range of options – from small city cars to comfortable sedans for longer trips. If you decide to go on a trip with a group of people, we are offering you a small mini van for a group up to seven people.

Destination Tours


One of the most valuable mixed urban and rural structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the small town Blagaj. Only 12 km from Mostar and you can find yourself in a small oasis, right by the spring of the Buna river. Choosing this destination tour, you can enjoy in visiting Tekke (Tekija or Dervish Monastery, XVI century), the House of Velagic, the Mosque by Sultan Sulejman (built in 1520), the Bridge of Karađozbeg and the Hamam.


Discover the magic of the oriental – Mediterranean town, only 15 km from Mostar.  Explore a medieval Mediterranean fortress suited in the valley of the Neretva river, under which nest is a quite small village with an amazing oriental charm. Choosing this destination tour, you can visit Hađi Alia Mosque, Šisman Ibrahimpaša Medresa, Gavrankapetanović House, and the most amazing tower – the Sahat Tower. Join us and live the fairy tale.


The town Međugorje is located 25 km from Mostar, drawing millions of annual visitors from all around the world. This town gain its popularity in 1981, when it has become a popular site of Catholic pilgrimage due to the reports of alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local children. At the same year and at the same spot, statute of the Virgin Mary was built. Enjoy your walk through Međugorje.